Pillars of Support when things are going great, and ESPECIALLY when things arenโ€™t so great

Lately, I have been in an “evaluation mode” - sitting back and trying to be an observer of my own life, assessing and getting perspective as I have been riding the waves of some big shifts, in both personal and professional lives.

Where all of these shifts and changes are for the good, heck, they are for the great, its not to say they don't come with some difficulty, as all change can be a stress' and some of these are big ones.

The Universe sends us hints,  gentle messages that its time to renew, time to step into a different arena or a completely different direction. And if we don't listen, or continually ignore, then the gentle messages become not so gentle, and then we are then hit upon the head with a Universal 2 X 4. (more on this in an upcoming post- stay tune :) )

And its wild how it came about.

Two weeks ago I banged my head at work, received a laceration and a mild concussion. Who new pharmacy could be such a dangerous profession. lol

The thing was, when I...

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