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Initial Consult

Start Here.

We begin with The Root Cause Review visit to understand your health concerns, review where you’ve been on your journey, and create a clear path on how to attain your goals.

Here we spend up to 90 minutes hearing about You, assessing all medication and nutritional protocols, past treatments, states of dis-ease, diagnosis, relevant and current tests, basically your journey up until this point.

From here you have the option to continue on in the 15 Weeks Back to Wellness Program, the Mens Health/Masculine Alchemy Program, or moving forward through a Bundle Visit Package - all of these created to provide the most value, as well as addressing your needs.

Schedule Your Root Cause Review (please book at least 48 hours out)

Coaching Programs/Bundle Consults

Ready to move forward? Buy a bundle package of visits to save money as we co-create a custom lifestyle coaching program together focusing on diet, movement, stress management, strategies to build resilience and nutritional supplementation.

Purchase a 3, 6, or 12 Visit Bundle Package

Mens Health/Masculine Alchemy

Built on the backbone of the comprehensive and highly successful 15 Weeks Back to Wellness, The Men's Health/Masculine Alchemy addresses the unique needs of men, often not recognized in conventional medicine. 

The Men’s Health / Masculine Alchemy Program focuses on four sources of energy that help us fuel performance, drive, and our overall vitality (P.E.M.S.)

  • Physical: Muscle to fat ratio, nutrition, sleep, movement, rest and repair.
  • Emotional: Do you feel positive emotions on a regular basis, Are you emotionally resilient? Or are your negative emotions running the show?
  • Mental: Are you able to focus and concentrate for sustained periods of times? Or are you quickly losing focus and get distracted?
  • Spiritual/Energetic: How’s your motivation doing? Do you have a purpose in life? And a clear set of values that drive your actions?

With a strong focus on rising conscious masculinity.

Conscious masculinity emerged to identify what truly is a healthy male expression, especially in a culture that attempts to denounce all masculinity as toxic, and still recognizing the toxicity of the “patriarchy”. As Robert Moore Describes, the Patriarchy is not representation of the male, it’s a representation of the unbalanced male. 

Conscious masculinity is brining male energies back to balance, in accordance to mythology, as well as tribal and individualist expressions. 

The program includes specialized testing, one-on-one functional medicine visits, a personalized nutrition program, clinical grade supplements with targeted recommendations for the entire length of the program and movement and mindfulness-based lifestyle strategies all to bring you to a place of deep health.

This 15 week journey is strategically designed as a comprehensive roadmap for sustainable health and vitality. Though many other practices offer one off visits, we have found this non-committal approach less effective at getting to your wellness goals in an efficient and economical way.

 The first step today is scheduling The Root Cause Review visit where we will get a clear view of what’s happening and why as well as a solid plan on what to do next on your healing path. 

Schedule Your Root Cause Review

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