Ramblings & Reflections with Rob- What to do about that Sticky Tension

Uncategorized May 01, 2023

It feels frustrating.

That feeling of trying to walk through molasses, or that dream when you are trying to run and it’s in slow motion.

Tho its real life, and it often has to do with your business.

Maybe it’s a particular project that you want to get off the ground, although there has been no movement.

It could be friction with another employee or business partner, or even, a collusion between your personal and professional worlds.

In my last article, I spoke about splitting energy and gave an example of writer’s block, and the antidote would be shifting gears, stepping out of your space that is zapping you and get into a new space.

Well…like I say to my patients, there are no absolutes.

And…if you find yourself avoiding or stepping out of spaces too often, well, then you might need to shift gears in the other direction and…


Here’s an example.

About a month ago, there was a particular “issue” I was working with. Let’s just say it was frustrating and just wasn’t moving, so…I was going the path of stepping away, allowing it to flow.

And, I might not be the most patient person, although enough of surrender, it was time for will, or rather, inspired action.

And that was the key- because when I would think to take action, I was not inspired, it did not seem fun or enjoyable- and trust me…if its not fun or enjoyable, I lose interest.

So, I re-engaged, and took action, inspired action, a way which I enjoyed, and boom…immediate action and response, it was like a miracle.

But then… other events started to fall in line, seamlessly unrelated. It was kind of spooky, good spooky if you know what I mean.

So, if you are ever feeling that sticky tension with a person, a place or a thing, where trying to step out away from it is getting you nowhere, or worse yet, feels like its turning into a stagnant pond in the middle of a July with no rain, think of a way you can approach your problem differently – through action, although an action that seems fun, lightens you up.

Or…it might be time to bag whatever it was (that’s the third option ofc)

Talk soon,


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