Foundational and Targeted Supplements for Memory, A Winning Combination of Nootropics

Cognitive function and brain health are one of the most popular areas of interest of both conventional and nutritional medicine. Whether it’s for a better memory, slowing the onset of cognitive decline, or just feel mentally clearer, people are looking for help.

In the realm of nutraceuticals for memory, there comes a challenge. Finding the right product to target ones memory issues (because all are not alike) with a relevant amount of each nutrient to do its job.

As there are numerous different nutrients for cognitive support, one could be finding themselves taking gobs of pills every day.

From a chemist point of view, I love a good formula, a formula so well crafted that it provides effective targeted support, strong clinical backing, and works via multiple pathways. This is why I love CogniPhos from Pure Encapsulations for cognitive support- just look at all the benefits that can come from this formulation.

CogniPhos offers a synergistic combination of phosphatidylserine,...

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