Foundational and Targeted Supplements for Memory, A Winning Combination of Nootropics

Cognitive function and brain health are one of the most popular areas of interest of both conventional and nutritional medicine. Whether it’s for a better memory, slowing the onset of cognitive decline, or just feel mentally clearer, people are looking for help.

In the realm of nutraceuticals for memory, there comes a challenge. Finding the right product to target ones memory issues (because all are not alike) with a relevant amount of each nutrient to do its job.

As there are numerous different nutrients for cognitive support, one could be finding themselves taking gobs of pills every day.

From a chemist point of view, I love a good formula, a formula so well crafted that it provides effective targeted support, strong clinical backing, and works via multiple pathways. This is why I love CogniPhos from Pure Encapsulations for cognitive support- just look at all the benefits that can come from this formulation.

CogniPhos offers a synergistic combination of phosphatidylserine, acetyl-l-carnitine, Cognizin®, a proprietary form of citicoline, and other memory supporting cofactors.

Phosphatidylserine has long been one of my favorite nutrients, and along with solid mental acuity research in both adults and children, has shown to support healthy cortisol levels, sleep, and mood enhancement.

In addition to memory support, acetyl-l-carnitine also supports mood, neural and mitochondrial health, aiding the production of ATP, which provides energy to drive many processes essential to cells.

Cognizin ® citicholine is a highly bioavailable, pure, and stable form of citicholine which increases choline and phospholipid composition in the brain. Clinically studied to support mental energy, focus, attention and recall.

A recent Japanese university study showed “synergistic activity for improving learning and memory ability” in mice that suffered cognitive impairment and then consumed a combination of Cognizin® Citicoline and docosahexaenoic acid, better known as DHA, found in quality omega-3 supplements such as fish oil.

Researchers at Tohoku University administered a variety of tests to determine how citicoline and DHA impact brain activity following cerebral ischemia. Not only was the ability to learn and recall information improved, the combination may help prevent further brain cell death following a stroke brain infarction.

The researchers stated that DHA is a well-known ingredient that fights free radicals and is an important part of healthy brain development, thus with the addition of Cognizin® citicholine, offers a powerful one two punch for brain health.

What’s exciting is we are not just talking about cognitive preservation, we are clinically seeing improvement after mental decline has happened, in this case cerebral ischemia.

Adding a quality fish oil supplement, such as EPA/DHA Essentials from Pure Encapsulations, not only provides the cognitive benefits of DHA, but other benefits including support for depression, anxiety, sleep, mood, heart disease risk factors, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, bone and joint support, immune and auto-immune health, eye health, menstrual pain and more.

Reach out if you have any questions, and if you are interested in CogniPhos, checkout my online nutritional dispensary at the top of the page. You can get CogniPhos at 15% Off as well as a quality fish oil such as EPA/DHA from Pure Encapsulations, and FREE SHIPPING over $50 right to your door.

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