What a nutritional pharmacist does to keep his immune system strong

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2020

I have been asked a bunch lately, what am I doing to protect myself and support my immunity in this time of quarantine and “lock down.”

I first wanted to share with you what I think is critically important during these times…think and feel based on facts that we know, go with your gut and your heart, not ego and fear. Be smart, eat right, manage stress, move, get out in the sunshine, you can be alone, although work not to be lonely, and get enough sleep.

Next, let’s talk supplements.

Personally, I am not doing any more than usual, although I understand if people choice to do so.

And please note, I am not making any claims that these supplements can prevent or treat COVID, I am sharing based on both broad and targeted immune support.

  1. Vitamin D Optimized to blood levels of 60 ng/dl- if we have not had our levels read, I like an average of 5000 units daily of Vitamin D3.
  2. Iodine @ 5 to  12 mg daily. This is a full body dosage, not just thyroid, and iodine has continually shown anti pathogenic activity, and immune support.
  3. Herbal Immune support- ingredients such as astragalus, Andrographis, elderberry, echinacea, etc. My favorite currently is Viracid from OrthoMolecular. (this is not part of my normal regimen; this adds targeted support during viral season.
  4. Selenium 200- 400 mcg daily.
  5. Zinc @ 50 mg daily.
  6. Adrenal / Stress Support. This is often customized for the individual, although different options for adrenal support include:
    - Adaptogens for general stress, stamina, and cortisol support
    - inhibitory neurotransmitters for anxiety and stress and racing mind (l-theanine, gaba)
    - Adrenal support for feeling exhausted, tired, possibility adrenal fatigue- Adaptogens, glandulars, targeted vitamins and nutrients (not to be used if experience high blood pressure, or panic attacks)

You can get a free account to my dispensary at https://wellevate.me/robert-kress and click the protocol tab under Immune Support Spring 2020 and you will see the exact products I recommend- all at 15% shipped right to your door. This way you can look through and see what applies to you, or message me with any questions.

You have the ability to search through the entire inventory for other products you might prefer as well.

Now, if you have any questions, looking for direction, or tweaks to your health program, this week I am offering 15 Minute phone consults, which are FREE if you use my online dispensary for any supplements that you might need. We can cover ANYTHING, immunity, stress, hormones, sleep, you name it.

AND, where my nutritional dispensary which is normally 15% OFF of all of the highest quality supplements, will be 20% OFF through the end of the week.

Just message or email me at [email protected] and give me three different dates, and times, that work for you, and I will email you back to confirm one of those times.

Now, stay tuned as my next post will be “Clearing the Confusion about COVID- an Excerpt of Rational Thinking, Healthy Concern, While Dropping the Fear”

Do Good* Be Well * Have Fun


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