The Power of the Nap- Why You Want to Follow Your Dogs Lead

I like to call it my zen 10, although its usually a twenty minute break from my day, step into the land of relaxation and renewal- the power nap!

I have been told its my super power- as many people have difficulty napping in the middle of the day, and others say they don't like how it makes them feel when they wake up- I encourage all, to take the lessons from the animal kingdom and cultures of the siesta...even if its a twenty minute break, be open for the benefits of such rest and renewal.

So if you are looking for a fix for your afternoon lull, a boost to your creativity, mental sharpness, memory, and overall well-being, consider the power of a nap!

Let's take a quick look at some bene's from different nap cycles:

  • 20 to 30 minutes- boost creativity, sharpen memory
  • 30 to 60 minutes- empower decision making, enhance memory and recall, and memory preservation
  • 60 to 90 minutes- REM- this is the time to support problem solving, make new connections in the brain, decrease negative reactivity and increase happiness.

How do you nap?

It's different for everyone, although some critical factors I would recommend.

  • Agree that nothing is pressing, no calls have to be made, no texts replied to- communication with the outer world ceases for just a little bit
  • Get the bathroom out of the way- trying to lay there with pressure on your bladder, won't work- trust me, get up and get the job done
  • Give yourself a time frame you are comfortable with, if you are new to napping, you might not fall asleep the first go around, although give yourself a block of time for you- laying- nothing else- its rest at its very best. Maybe 30 minutes, set your timer, and let go.
  • Consider some relaxing music. I opt this rout, it drowns out any external noise, and nap time for me, is not meditation time, i don't want to follow along with someones words on a meditation app, nor do I want words with songs, just relaxing tunes to carry me.
  • If you are susceptible to post nap grogginess, keep your naps to the 20 minute mark, when you go beyond 30, sleep inducing chemicals kick in.

And there you go, stay tuned, in the next article I will share with you the benefits of a caffeine nap, I know, sounds kind of oxymoronish, trust me... :)

Happy Napping

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